Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO Services $1,400.00 per month with a $300.00 Set Up Fee

Set up:

Google analytics for tracking traffic Google Business + page (for Google Maps) Yahoo Business page
Bing Business Page
Social Media linking
Citation Business Profile

On Page (website) work:

Add SEO plugins/configure
Link google + business page to website
Link Facebook/twitter/any social media you use
Inner page keyword linking
Homepage keyword linking
Keyword implementation
Review and adjust each page of your website. The homepage of your website will be re-written so the search engines know exactly what your business is about. On site work usually gets done first before any off site work.

——— This tells Google what locations you service which helps for local search results.

I will go through each page on your site and SEO it – meaning creating links to inner pages and some links to authority pages (such as Wikipedia).

——— Google loves inner links on websites connecting you pages with keywords (anchor text) to show relevance throughout your website. Google also loves keywords (anchor text) links to authority sites of relevant content.

I will edit all title and description meta-tags for each page on the website for target keywords.

*This is at minimum as once I am working on the site there will likely be a few more things added to the list.

Off Page (website) SEO:
Backlinks – generate backlinks to your website through social sharing,

article distribution, Press Release, high PR domain links, etc….

What is a backlink? A backlink is a “vote” for your site from another website.

Generating backlink strategies are changing constantly with Google driving the different types of links they like and don’t like. I can’t tell you exactly what strategy I will use since they are always changing, however I can tell you I keep up with the latest and greatest ways that are Google approved.

Analysis your Google analytics and Webmaster tools to determine the who, what, where, and when about your website. I will see what people search to find your site and expand on those keywords to get links for as well as new keywords to get links for. (This is ongoing after data is being collected).

Create citations for your website. Citations are links with all your business and address information. There are hundreds of websites that these get done on they get split up over a few months there are 50 that are the most important.

Create private blog network links. Right now the best links to have are private blog network links. These are done on different relevant websites with relevant content and links pointing back to your website. These have to be done slowly and methodically each month.

Create a social media presence. Google heavily values social media status. The more people share your site/content the better for Google

rankings. I will create campaigns designed to share your site/content through social media via twitter and facebook to name a couple.

Google always changes how they rank websites so there will be additional things that get done on and off site as the changes roll out.

Each month I will send you a report (data from Google Analytics). I go through the analytics and breakdown the most important features such as where people are searching from and how they land on your website. This also helps me determine what keywords to target too.

The monthly SEO Service includes any website maintenance that is needed (new content – adding contact information for new employees – newsletters – appealing look of the website – etc….)